As modern living has become more affluent and lifestyles have changed,
peoples’ needs have also shifted dramatically.
Tokyo residential living in particular has diversified and spawned a variety of
housing needs - more and more people are looking for housing that suits their own personal tastes,
rather than just focusing on basic real estate specs such as the size of a dwelling,
when it was built, its southern-facing aspect or the housing brand.
Many prospective buyers are making in-depth demands for housing
to match their preferences with respect to the local environment,
the outlook from windows, the way the light and
wind moves through the home and the textures of interiors and fittings.

Hachi House is here to respond to those demands and cater for
these modern and unique tastes by offering homes that will give customers that feeling that
"this is the one" upon first setting their foot in the door.

With our know-how learned from housing in modern westernized countries,
and the importance we place on sensibilities and quality fostered
through a range of different industries, Hachi House offers brand
new urban lifestyles unbound by the conventional thinking of the real estate business.

Ayumi Aoki, CEO, Hachi House


Studied high school in Virginia, United States, as an exchange student in 1981.
After graduating from university, worked in Hakuhodo, advertising agency for 24 years in charge of account services, various client-related business.
Duties included advertising planning, proposals, execution and operations etc.
Took up post as CEO of Hachi House in 2013.


I established Hachi House because I was taken in by the richness of the housing environments of America, Europe and Australia, and wanted to change the state of affairs in Japan, a country in which houses that are guaranteed for only 10 years require a 30 year loan to purchase.
Moving forward, I want to use my long experience for the construction of housing for the Japanese people.
I want to provide housing that reflects that of the American, European and Australian experience - housing that puts the aspirations of the end users first. This is my hope.
We look forward to working with you at Hachi House to create valuable assets that will last for generations.

Established condominium company Kowa Bussan Co., Ltd. in 1970, involved in the development and sales of detached condominiums, apartments, offices, serviced apartments and commercial facilities as a development director and project manager. Established KBUSA in California in the USA. Involved in joint housing developments with local developers in California, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Paris.
Moved to Sydney, Australia in 2001, and conducted commissioned housing development research for Nakata Realty and local design company Urbanscope.
Established Hachi House in August, 2003.

Since I think about residential areas from the point of view of urban planning, my meeting with Mr. Okamoto has filled me with inspiration and has enabled us to continually transform the intangible assets of ideas and wisdom into products that we can sell.
Hachi House was established with a commitment to presenting Japanese society with genuine housing and real residential areas. I am confident that housing in Japan will be divided into ‘before and after Hachi House.’

1971 to 2003
Established Ecological City Organizer as its director.
Involvement in redevelopment projects across Japan as a professional urban planner, delivered many lectures, and produced many papers and articles.

Based in California, design office KTGY is primarily focused on design and planning of residential and commercial building projects.
The company assembles teams of planners and designers tailored to the type of product, the land or scope of the project - teams whose careful attention to detail has won praise from markets and customers and many awards internationally.
This partnering with Hachi House enables us to make the most of our know-how in providing our services to our customers in Japan.

1991 - KTGY Group established with 7 partners.
2010 to present - Involved with community and residential construction and design with a staff of 150. Involved with numerous projects in the USA and internationally over the last 30 years, receiving many awards and honors.


There are big differences between housing in Japan and Australia in terms of spatial design, functionality, durability, construction costs and asset value. This is because Japanese housing designers and builders do not understand the true nature of housing.
Buildings are constructed by architects and designers on request, and are often mock fashion constructions that are not always in harmony with the people who live in them.
With Hachi House, we want to create housing that provides residents with a valuable asset.

Urbanscope Architects was established in Sydney in 1981.
The company is involved in investments and developments mainly in Sydney, on the Gold Coast, in Melbourne and Cairns. Urbanscope also participates in development projects for sports facilities, hotels, and resorts in partnership with local design companies in Southeast Asia, in particular Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.
Mr. Ikeda has also served at Sydney University from 2001 to 2003 providing lectures on architecture, design and planning.