At Hachi house, we recognize the importance of our customers privacy, and we consider the protection of personal information a fundamental aspect of our business activities.
To provide our customers with a safe, secure and reliable service, we make efforts to ensure that all staff are familiar with and respect the privacy policies described below.

Gathering of personal information

Personal information collected through the Hachi House homepage is only collected for the purpose of providing our services through the homepage by lawful and fair means.

Usage of personal information

Personal information provided to us by our customers will only be used for clear and specific purposes, and will not be used for any purpose without consent of the customer.

Provision of personal information

Hachi House will enact appropriate protections of personal information, and will not provide information to third parties in a state rendering the identities of individuals without prior consent, except in cases provided for under personal information protection laws or related legal imperatives.

Disclosure and correction of personal information

1.If there is the request for disclosure of a customer’s personal information by that customer, we will disclose the information promptly, unless there is a risk of obstruction to business or harm to the individual’s life, body or property, etc.
2.If there is the request for correction or erasure of a customer’s personal information by that customer, we will correct or erase the information promptly as requested.


This site contains links to other sites. Hachi House does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the contents, privacy policies or agreements etc posted on those external sites. Please check the privacy policies of the linked sites.

Privacy policy updates

The items in the above privacy policies may be reviewed or updated where appropriate.
The above privacy policies are the basic policies for handling personal information by Hachi House. Hachi House enters into agreements with its customers to handle their personal information based on these policies. Please contact Hachi House for clarification if required.